Is Pilates the Right Exercise for Me?

Pilates is about balance. It’s not about “no pain no gain”. It’s not about “pushing yourself to the limit”, sometimes to the point of injury. It’s not about “I look really good, but maybe I’m not so healthy. Pilates is smart exercise. It’s about tempering strength with flexibility; controlling what the body does with clarity of mind; working the body as a system that moves and flows with fluidity, strength, stability and grace.

The primary purpose of our bodies is to carry us through life. We must lift and bend and twist and propel ourselves through space in different planes of motion. We need mobility AND we need stability. If we become hyper-mobile, we become like humpty-dumpty so our joints and ligaments lose the ability to support our bodies. The result: lack of strength or injury. At the other extreme our bodies become strong, but our muscles become shortened and tight. There is a lack of mobility, movement becomes restricted, we feel older than our years, muscles, joints and ligaments can become strained and injury is more probable.

True, health and fitness requires a balance between strength and flexibility; and a balance between opposing muscle groups. If the low back and hip flexor muscles are short and tight and the abdominal and hamstring muscles are weak and lack tone then low back pain becomes common.

We are trained to see the imbalances in your body and provide the right combination of exercises to correct those asymmetries. This is science… It’s a knowledge of biomechanics, a keen and perceptive eye, and knowledge through experience and intuition. It’s years of training, awareness and experience all rolled together to know what’s best for your amazing, beautiful and unique body.

So, no, it’s not just about looking good. It’s also about confidence, feeling good and being healthy… of taking care of yourself and loving yourself enough to say “I deserve this”.

We can help you get there.

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