Michael Makowski

Michael Makowski is a lifelong lover of fitness just as his boyhood hero Jack LaLanne. Michael grew up as a fat kid loving and aspiring to play sports Michael quickly learned the importance of exercising not only for the aspect of performance but preparing his body for the rigors of baseball, basketball, hockey, wrestling, boxing and his personal favorite football. Michael went on the play football for Erie Community College as a reserve defensive back in their inaugural 2001 and 2002 seasons. Michael then enlisted into the army in 2003. Michael made it to the rank of Sargent (E-5).  Michael’s was a petroleum supply specialist and was licensed to drive every vehicle in the Army earning in his Driver’s Badge. Michael was deployed to Iraq in 2005. Where he earned his Combat Action Badge. Michael spent many hours on the road as he was engaged in convoys on almost a daily basis. On his down time during his deployment you could find Michael either in the weight room or on the basketball court testing/ practicing new methods/exercises/drills/routine that he had freshly learned from one of his many health and fitness text books he had ordered for reading pleasure. Michael then became certified as a trainer once he returned from deployment Michael in 2006. In 2007 Michael earned his honorable discharge from active duty. Michael then he moved back to his hometown of Buffalo, New York to start his new career as a fitness professional, also to finish his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Studies at D’Youville College class of 2011. Over the past decade Michael has trained people of every demo graph. During this time Michael has also been a Strength Coach for both D’Youville and Buffalo State College. Michael has been a guy who shows passion and love for his clients/athletes. Michael believes in lifelong Fitness but also lifelong learning. “Strong mind, Strong body” Michael holds many of the industry’s top certifications with distinction NSCA-CPT*, CSCS*D, and TSAC-F*D and is aspiring to become a physical therapist. Michael is a programming expert and has been brought into Core Concepts to introduce a combat sports training method. These specific movement patterns promote more natural human movement patterns. When the “Mr. Miyagi” of training, the “Mad Scientist” of programming isn’t cooking up some new workouts he’ in the kitchen cooking (testing healthy recipes) he also likes fishing, golf or any kind of sport for that kind of matter.